Maulana, my husband, and me



Maulana asks women to wear hajjab, wear skirts, remain at home, and live in the mountains. Maulana converted my Western husband but he is not a follower yet; he is a thinker, not an unquestioning believer. Still, Maulana said my husband is noble and a very good man.

I work at a school next to my house. My husband expects me to work and not hide at home (no children). My dress does not make me stand out from other women, my husband does not approve of the hijab, and he would be suspicious if I began only wearing skirts. Also, I cannot ask him to quit his job and move to the mountains.

Following Maulana’s advice will bring big problems to my marriage and my husband will begin to hate Islam and Maulana. How can I be faithful to Maulana and maintain my loving, happy marriage?



wa `alaykum salam,

Many of Mawlana’s mureeds wear western clothes and no hijab!

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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