Prayer Request: Return My Beloved to Me


I’ve keep praying almost a half year asking to Allah to bring ┬áme back again the man that I loved, to give us again a chance to restart again from the beginning our relationship that after 4 years it’s just ended like that. I made a promises to myself and in front of Allah that I will take care of him from now on and till the end and I’m still waiting for him to coming back. Then at the end I’m asking Allah if he belongs to me I hope Allah wanna open the way but if he’s not belong to me I hope Allah wanna take away this love from my heart.. But till now I still feel so devoted and can’t let him go…dont know anymore. I’m trying to ‘Ikhlas’ but in the moment I’m trying to let him go seems Allah want me to remember him again… I cant even find any words now on my prayers…


Wait until Ramadan and keep doing 700 istighfar daily and keep praying and asking that whatever obstacles between you two be removed. If after that there is no result, then leave him and Allah will send someone else, insha-Allah.

Hajjah Naziha Kabbani

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