Assalamu alaikum, my dad has three daughters. His business is going in heavy loss, worried, heavy debt and two daughters married (I am 2nd). One small sister is there. I love my parents a lot. I can’t live peacefully in my home when they are in trouble. Please advise me, sheikh.


`Alaykum Salam,

The default human state is loss, but Allah excepted “those who believe and do good deeds, and counsel one another with truth, and counsel one another with patience.” Be at peace that the promise of Allah is true and that just intending and striving for the above garners the highest reward for you here and hereafter.

Recite every morning x100 “Subhan Allah wa bi hamdihi, subhan Allah al-`azhim, astaghfirullah” to the intention of removal of debt.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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