hadith about black flags


Assalam u alayekum ya Sheikh !
I have two confusions in my mind.
1-What is the interpretation of black flags in the hadith regarding Syedna Imam Madi A.S?
2-I came across a website on the internet on which it was attributed to Maualna Sheikh Nazim that Armageddon will happen before 2000.A.D and that Israel will not exist more than 40 years. The reference was ‘Secret desires’. How true/false is it?
Forgive me if I hurt you but these confusions have bothered me very much.


wa `alaykum salam,
Black flags represent the open struggle against falsehood and unbelief, as the Prophet was wearing a black turban when he took Mecca.

Mawlana’s predictions point to the divine prerogative of Allah Most High to change or postpone whatever He likes. The Awliya only convey what they see and they are truthful even if Allah’s qadar decides to postpone events for a year or more or less. The Hour is still near, and for those who passed away before 2000 their Hour has already risen.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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