Art in Islam


Does Islam object to art?


Islam allows purposeful and respectful forms of art

The religion of Islam respects human innate talents and encourages creativity. God created us for a sublime purpose; namely, to worship Him, construct the earth, and promote good moral values. Islamic law permits the practice of various forms of arts like acting, painting, poetry, and singing as long as they are employed properly for a valid and respectful reason and according to the boundaries prescribed by God. In Islam, the legal maxim states that the means take the same rulings as their objectives. Based on this, acting is permissible per se provided it aims at presenting good moral values and building a sound mindset and balanced character, in which case it is regarded by Islam as a refined form of art.

On the other hand, it is a sin in the sight of God Almighty to act in, direct, or produce movies which spread indecency, lies, evils, etc. due to the immorality and they promote. In this case, acting is considered impermissible in Islamic law for the perversities it involves. Based on this, acting is but a kind of human activity—its good is desirable and its ugly is repugnant.

Dar al-Fatwa al-Misriyya

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