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I hope all the team at eshaykh is well and Allah makes the continuation of your good work easier.

My question is concerned with Muslim headstones. My father passed away a couple of years ago and we are still to arrange a headstone to be placed on the grave. Currently there is a simple wooden plaque identifying the grave.

Is there permission and permissibility for headstones and if there is what is the Sunnah approach – what should the headstone include or not include?

We live in the UK and although the cemetery is sectioned with two large Muslim Areas – there are ‘non-Muslim’ areas and people often come and walk there dogs / allow there dogs to roam in the area.

JzakAllah khair


wa `alaykum salam,

There is no harm in placing of Headstone which may include besides the name the dates of birth and death.

Imam Senad Agic
Head Imam (IABNA)
The Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America
American Islamic Center – Chicago

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