*Life and Death Situation* Need Guidance


*Life and Death Situation*. I would request MSH to answer my question. I got married twice and both times i suffered from mental abuse. I am attracted to women since my childhood and started praying when i was 10 for a miracle to happen so that 1 day i become a man. My feelings are like men towards females, but still i tried to follow my faith and married twice which failed badly. Now i feel i should go through gender reassignment so that i can live a normal life like all the men. Once i saw MSN in dream i asked him about this particular dua and he smiled at me and said yes it will be fulfilled but would you be able to stay in Cyprus? Please let me know am i allowed to go through sex reassignment in my situation? I am not confused i know i’m a man inside. please help


Mawlana Shaykh Hisham said we do not have answers for the question that was brought up other than no.

Even if we think we are not confused – although we are – the one who showed the Sirat Mustaqim is more lucid than a million of you and me. There are halal possibilities and there are haram possibilities. Piety is to follow the Divine and Prophetic guidance not our own wishes even if they please us more. For example plucking eyebrows is a sin but plucking armpit hair is sunna. Changing sex or gender is from the first type and not allowed. Everyone has their burden and Allah tests no one beyond their capacity. The rest is up to you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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