preventing father from visiting graves of Awliya


I fear for my father from the lesser shirk. Am I entitled to prevent him from going to commemorations of the pious and from visiting shrines?


Preventing a parent from attending commemorations of the pious and the righteous or visiting their shrines

It is impermissible to give credence to erroneous beliefs and prevent your father from doing a pious deed. A person’s love for the righteous is among the signs of Allah’s acceptance and pleasure. ‘Uqba ibn ‘Amer, may Allah have mercy on him, narrated that the Prophet [pbuh] said: “I do not fear for you from shirk [associating partners with Allah] after I die, but I fear that you will compete and fight over worldly interests and thus be destroyed like those who came before you” [Bukhari and Muslim]. However, you must advise your father gently if you see him doing something forbidden.

Allah Almighty knows best.

Dar al-Fatwa al-Misriyya

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