Vitamin D3 from sheep wool


Assalamu ‘Alaikum

I eat alot of Nestle chocolates. I went on their website today just to check whether they had any animal derived products in them. This is what it said:

“All products on this list are free from meat, fish and their derivatives.
Please note: Some products on this list have been fortified with Vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin (sheep’s wool).”

Are such products halal or haram?

Jazakallah. Assalamu ‘Alaikum


wa `alaykum salam,

Vitamin D3 sourced from lanolin (sheep’s wool) is halal. When fiqh discusses the ruling of  meat, the skin of the animal is ruled as halal to consume.

Imam Senad Agic
Head Imam (IABNA)
The Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America
American Islamic Center – Chicago

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