Ziyarah and `Umrah during menses


Salaam ‘alaik 

From the blessed City of Madinatul Munawwarah:

I hope & pray for blessings for you & all Muslims in Fenton.

What does the law say about menstruating women visiting the Prophet’s tomb & the Ka’aba. I am in Medina now and will be visiting Baitullah in a couple of days. My wife’s menses have not ended yet. What can she do if her menses prolongs? There is a possibility that she will miss the opportunity to visit Maqam Rasullullah because of menses.

It’s going to be a very disappointing trip for my wife if she’s going to miss performing what she came to Arabia to do.

Please do advise.



Salam alaykum.

Tawaf is invalid without ritual purity so let her wait until she is able
to do it. If time is running out then she can make ghusl even though she
is still in her menses, take her precautions and make the tawaf of `Umra
followed by Sa`y and haircut but let her sacrifice one sheep.

ِAs for Ziyara it is categorically impermissible for a woman in menses
to enter the mosque or pass through it, but she can very well perform
the Ziyara from outside and send salam to the Holy Prophet (s) from the
gate of Baqi`.



Shaykh Gibril Haddad

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