Fear of scolopendra


Salam’waleikum. I live in the mountains in southern Spain and there are insects here called scolopendras. They are related to millipedes and scorpions. They reach 15cm long and can be thick as fingers and have poison on their legs and bite. It’s painful and can kill small animals the size of a cat. I have recently found two in the house, one crawled up my leg and stung me. Although I have uncontrollable fear of these creatures and completely panic when I see them, I am also genuinely concerned as I have a two-year-old daughter.
What can I do to stop the TOTAL fear that grips me when I see these insects and is there a way I can protect my home so they do not enter (other than the practical things like mosquito nets etc.) Thank you so much for your help and may Allah reward you all.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Recite every night before bed:

A`udhu bi-kalimaatillah at-taammaati kulliha min sharri ma khalaq 3 times

Wa u`idhu biha ahla bayti wa-`iyali 3 times

which means: “I seek refuge in the Words of Allah – all of them – from the harm of what He created; and I invoke His refuge over my┬ádependents.

Keep your home clean and dry. Traditional remedy for blocking such animals from entering houses is to fumigate the house with any of the following:

– peel, roots, and leaves of pomegranate;

– saffron;

realgar (used for fireworks)

Keep a rooster around; it will catch and kill scolopendras.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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