Legs too short


Dear Shaykh Gibril Haddad,

Assalamu alaykum wa Rahmat Allahi wa Barakatahu.

My height is 5′ 2″ (female). My torso is that of a 5′ 8″ woman but my legs are very short and not in proportion with my torso length. I am saddened, feel low and like a ‘freak’ to have such short legs.

I have been reciting ‘Rabbi zidni‘ 100 x daily, to increase my overall height; I pray for a 4-5 inch increase and wonder if this ‘zikr‘ is enough to cause the miracle which I feel I need to increase the length of my legs.

Please forgive me for sounding so vain, but this is a psycho-emotional issue for me. Is there some more powerful/better ‘zikr‘ through which I can approach my Lord, Allah to give me what I want?

I am sorry for my inadequacies. Humbly yours dearest Shaykh,



Alaykum Salam,

Wa la-in shakartum la azidannakum, “If you show true gratitude (for My countless gifts) I will most certainly increase you.” (14:7)

Give thanks for the perfect fine form He gave you.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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