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Dream: Ship / Wrestling / Imam Bukhari (R.A)

Salam ‘alaikum. I dreamt I was on a ship, the ship was advancing in a small river. On the water the path was indicated by colored narrows. I dreamt I told a school companion smaller in size than me to make a wrestling match. Every time I would take him to the ground and immobilize him there. Continue reading

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Legs too short

My height is 5′ 2″ (female). My torso is that of a 5′ 8″ woman but my legs are very short and not in proportion with my torso length. I am saddened, feel low and like a ‘freak’ to have such short legs. Continue reading

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Affected by past

if i knew what i now know about my wife i wouldn’t be married to her. i would divorce now but we have kids and she’s rich and i have no skills or job. Continue reading

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Inferiority complex

salam shaykh… this question is regarding my personal growth… i am sure this problem is faced by many teenagers as well… ok … sometimes when I see my classmates or other students progress greater than me I get this inferiority complex… Continue reading

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What must I do?

The pious woman I had been searching for is in a far away country and I don’t know how I’ll reach her. I have no money, and this dunya is crushing me more and more, even though I desire nothing except for a small home… Continue reading

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