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Dunya and Religion

shaykh i am in a really big dilemma/ situation.. i am a hafiz ul quran and i have this desire of being an aalim of the deen. i have this oppurtunity of doing an aalim course however my parents are trying to talk me out of it… Continue reading

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What must I do?

The pious woman I had been searching for is in a far away country and I don’t know how I’ll reach her. I have no money, and this dunya is crushing me more and more, even though I desire nothing except for a small home… Continue reading

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Seeing dark beings

I often see black things that resemble humans when I’m driving, especially around Fajr time, but when I look towards them, they disappear… Continue reading

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Please guide me

My Shaykh, I’m a 2_ year old under an enormous debt, and living illegally in a country I was born in. I don’t have a job and no future. Things have been getting worse since I was 12 years old… Continue reading

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Statement of Bayazid Bistami (ra)

Could you please shed some light on this statement, specifically the last part about religious obligation being “companionship with the Master”? Continue reading

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Is it true?

I’v been Cyprus its been a few months now and outside sheikh nazim house it said the one who takes lives in Arabic and if that is true please tell sheikh nazim to take my life away asap because iv just had a enough of dunya and am fed up of my life if it is true that sheikh nazim can take lives? Continue reading

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leave Dunyia join tariqa

I feel that I cant fallow duniya and tariqa in same time. if you give me permation my shaykh. I want and I m ready to leave evryting and come to Lefke only serve you… Continue reading

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