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I come from parents that had some influence on mainstream culture and I though I could be of positive use. But guidance has left me feeling like I am of no use to anybody, and that relying on Allah is also too much of a feat to achieve. Continue reading

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Inferiority complex

salam shaykh… this question is regarding my personal growth… i am sure this problem is faced by many teenagers as well… ok … sometimes when I see my classmates or other students progress greater than me I get this inferiority complex… Continue reading

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Dream: Span of a month

Salam Alaykum, Shiekh.
I had several dreams over the span of a month.
1) The first dream I saw was a solar eclipse in my dream I watched it from my room.
2) I saw myself polishing a sword in the desert with others .
3) The second dream I saw myself preaching on a cliff as men wearing white gowns were marshalling before me their were in three rows.
4) The last one made me feel the strangest of all. I saw myself on a throne wearing an white khamis long beard no crown with an white imama on my head. But in my right hand was a gold sceptre and in my left was a gold orb. Please interpretate for me Salam Alaykum. Continue reading

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