Namaz and a sunnah of hazrat abu bakar R.A


In Pakistan people stand up for jamat namaz after the moazin says hayya alas salah some say this a sunnah. I have also heard that its a sunnah to stand immediately on Allah o Akbar as soon as the ikamat starts please clear the confusion in the light of sahi ahadith. Also in Pakistan people kiss their thumb and put it on their eyes when they hear the Prophet’s sallalahoalaihewasallam name I saw a video of shaykh Hisham in which he said hazrat Abu Bakar R.A did this practice. please clear this in the light of sahi ahadith as some say this is a new practice and has no roots in deen.

Jazak Allah khair may Allah subhanawata’ala give you people specially shaykh hisham a long life and grant you with the bounties of both the worlds. Please ask shaykh Hisham to visit Karachi Pakistan.


Exact time of standing in iqama is not finalized in textual evidence but
is a matter of ijtihad; therefore both positions are valid but
preference goes to hayya `ala as-salat or when the imam is already
standing either at your row’s level or ahead of you. As for kissing
thumbs see here.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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