Mistakes during salaat


Assalaam Alaikum Ya Sayyidi!
1) During salaat-ul-tasbih I forget to do tasbih at some stage. How do I rectify my mistake?
2) I make wrong Niyyat for salaat, then realize my mistake after making Takbir. Should I carry on or make Tasleem and start again?

Shukran Jazeelan


wa `alaykum salam,

1) If you missed the tasbih, no problem. There is no problem except in missing al-Fatiha. Missing other than this in any prayer, you continue the prayer.

2) Example: I made niyyah to make salat adh-dhuhr but it was time to pray `Asr but IĀ pronounced nawaytu an usalli salat al-dhuhr. Don’t break the prayer. Continue, as everything is based on its niyyah. You can continue with what you made niyyah for and consider it as qada, then pray `Asr. But if you want to continue on the real intention, it is OK.

In some schools of thought they say that the most important aspect is takbiratul-ihram; you don’t need niyyah of the prayer. For example, if you are praying at the time of dhuhr, you don’t need theĀ niyyah of dhuhr because the time is well-known. You only need to enter the prayer. Allah is Forgiving and knows what you are praying.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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