Question of Zikr


I am unable to pray at this time and its making me feel sad… Is there
any substitute I can do instead of the khatm khawajagan? I have all the
Quranic verses memorized of the Khatm Khawajagan but I still need to read it
from the book because I don’t know the orders. And I cannot hold the book at
this time. Can you please tell me if there is anything else I can substitute
the Khatm Khawajagan with and still not mess up the prescription for this
form of istikhara?


You are not reading from the Qur’an anyway, so it’s fine even if you use
the book. Although I’ve heard from the ladies that Hajjah Naziha
advised women in their period to only recite Salawat, and not do the
daily Awrad for that time.

Abdul Shakur

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