Resuming prayers after childbirth


Salaams. I have just finished the 40th day after giving birth and wanted to know when to resume my prayers. I am still spotting and bleeding on and off. It is hard to know what to do, as I am a relatively new convert and am not aware of following any particular madhab. The different information online seems to depend on the madhab that one follows. I have trouble with this as my periods are irregular and I sometimes have discharge between menses. The questions are: 1) When to resume prayers after birthing. 2) When to resume prayers when one has unclear cycles and bleeding between menses. 3) How to determine what madhab one follows, is it automatically the same as Sheikh Nazim or do we follow the Sheikh we have closest to us in the community. May Allah bless you all and thank you.


Alaykum as-Salam,
You may resume after 60 days from the date of birth or when the bleeding/spotting stops, whichever occurs first. Maximum time bracket for periods is usually 15 days.  You may follow the madhhab of the learned person that is the most practical for you to consult even if they vary at different times. Community may also play a useful role in the learning process and adoption of a particular school.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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