Prayer Request: FAMILY


Aslamalekum.. may Allah swt bless you all ameen. I would like to plead for your dua as my sister-in-law has left my brother and took the children away. She always used the kids to her advantage, not thinking about what the children want as they are very close to their dad. I hate to see when people like this succeed, so selfish and just are out there to cause pain.. I hope you understand my pain and pray for all my family and that somehow we can get the children back.. It hurts a lot when we cannot do anything as we are a very close family mashallah.. It hurts to see the pain on my parents’ faces.. Please please do dua and we can see a miracle happen. ameen. wasallam.


wa `alaykum salam,

Everything is in Allah’s Hands, so turn to Him and put your trust in Him. He alone is able to change difficulty into ease. We recommend you and your family should each recite “RabbunAllah HasbunAllah” 100 times daily, with the intention of lifting this affliction.

Success is from Allah.

Ali Elsayed

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