Prayer Request: In need of a house


Asalaam alekum Mawlana,

InshAllah you & your beautiful family are in the best of health. Please can you make duah for me that my husband and I are able to find our own house. We have been living with my parents for nearly 5 years now, but the house is getting over crowded with us. InshAllah we plan to also start a family. Please make duah that the council/government are able to offer us a house as we are unable to afford to rent at the moment. We are so desperate. Please make duah for us Sayyidi.

We love you so much & await to see you in London .



Insha Allah, Mawlana Shaykh Hisham will make du’a for you.

Recite Hasbunallah wa Ni’ma l-Wakeel 100x and Astaghfirullah al-Azeem 100x daily with the intention to make easy this affair for you.

Abdul Shakur

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