Prayer Request: We seem lost and need your advice and duas


Aslamao Aleikum Ya Sayedi,

Please forgive my lack of adab and pray for us to be rightly guided. We have had so many problems with health, finances, arguments, marriage breakdown and continual family breakdown and repeated problems.

Please advise us what to do, husband deserted us long ago am left unsupported. Having tried to be patient a long time I fear I may be tempted to sin, but just want to be remarried to a good man who will love and support us and our problems to end.Please read dua for us to better our lives here and in the Akhira as you are enlightened and we are not.Please advise us of something to read to alleviate our situation.

Jazakallah khair
Ya Sayedi

We wish to visit Maulana Sheikh Nazim Inshallah please convey our Salaams and respect and forgive our lack of adab.


wa `alaykum salam,

Be patient and drop anger as much as you can, and surrender to what Allah sends to you.

Sayyida Rabi`a al-`Adawiyya, a lady saint, because of her patience with her husband, Allah swt dressed her with the dress of sainthood. Some ladies might say “why do we have to be patient with our husbands?” What it means is that for Rabi`a it her test for sainthood was her husband and that is why she was patient as much as she was able. One example of her patience with her husband was that he used to come drunk at night and as soon as he enters he asks for a cup of water or food. She would go to prepare the cup of water or food for her husband and come back and find him asleep. She would then stand there by his bed with the food or water until he woke up.

That is an example that when Allah swt want to test His servant He may test in many different ways. So the best response is to be patient. We know that all of us are not patient but if you are patient enough and recite hasbuna ‘Llah wa nima ‘l-wakeel 100x daily, you will find your husband soon and your situation will become better.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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