Salat al-Ibrahimiyyah


As-salaam alaykem ya Ustadhuna, ya Mashaykhuna,

I am working on a project on Sdn. Ibrahim in the Muslim tradition, regarding his role as the father of the Abrahamic faiths, as well as his relationship to the Seal of Messengers, our Master Muhammad (SAW), and to Sufis as the prototype and symbol of the ‘Hanif‘.

As Muslims, we have been obliged by our Prophet to invoke blessings during each of 5 daily prayers upon Sayiddina Muhammad and his family, as Allah invoked blessings upon Sdn. Ibrahim and his family. Could “Salat al-Ibrahimiyyah” be seen as an invocation that includes the larger Abrahamic family, namely followers of the Jewish and Christian faiths?
I found one strand speaking to this question here, but I do not know what our scholars and Mashaykh think of this point:

Barakalawfik – may Allah continue to exalt our Prophet, our Mashaykh and our teachers, inshaAllah.


`Alaykum as-salam

Your hypothesis contradicts surat Ali-`Imran 3:67:

Abraham was neither a “Jew” nor a “Christian”, but was one who turned away from all that is false, having surrendered himself unto God; and he was not of those who ascribe divinity to aught beside Him.

Rather Ibrahim, the Friend of the Merciful, upon him peace, represents the foundation of monotheism in relation to its consummation which is Sayyidina Muhammad upon him blessings and peace, the Beloved of the Merciful, and there is much more which can be looked up in the Quran commentaries and Qadi Iyad’s Shifa.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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