99 Divine Attributes


As Salamu Alaykum,

I have been learning the 99 Divine Qualities, reading on dozens of explanations, doing dhikr, trying to contemplate on them but later realized that in my heart I know nothing. They say that even without understanding the meanings of Allah’s Names one can simply repeat them and that their benefits will manifest (which I believe I experienced to some extent). But is there a way to open or come to know these Divine Qualities in one’s heart? For some reason I believe that each Name represents a specific but very powerful subtle ‘energy’ or wavelength of ‘energy’ which can bring miraculous healing.
I know that everything is up to Allah’s Will, but if you’ve ever experienced any of His Divine Qualities please share.

Thank you much and Iooking forward to hearing from you.



Wa alaikum Salaam!

It is awesome to hear about you studying and engaging the 99 Names in a quest of nearness to Allah (swt).

In reality, His Beautiful Names and Attributes are constantly manifesting in Creation, but we are veiled for various qualities of the self that are blocking the heart from these reflections. Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani teach us that the most clear and trusted means to these reflections are opened through Dhikrullah, love of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and those nearest to him, namely his family, companions and the Awliyaullah, both past and present. This is summarized in the Ayat, “Verily Allah and His Angels are Blessing the Prophet. O you who believe! Send blessings upon him with utmost greetings (and surrender)!” (33:56)

When we increase in Salawat, seeking nearness to the Prophet (saws), Salawat increases upon us and will enter our hearts. In the meantime, we struggle against ego desires, continuously repent, behave well, and meditate on the meanings and reflections of Allah’s Beautiful Names and Attributes it will increase our capacity to recognize these manifestations.

Wallahu Alam,
Kamau Ayubbi

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