Doa vs Dhikr



When seeking Allah swt’s forgiveness, I usually make doa in my own language, either Malay or English and not Arabic, for example: “Ya Allah, please forgive me for all my sins” or sometimes I list down all the sins that I know of. Is it better to make dhikr of astaghfirullah instead of making doa since my doa is not in Arabic?

How many istighfar should one do when seeking forgiveness or is it OK to make istighfar whenever we feel we commit sins without keeping count of the dhikr?

Thank you and wasalam


`alaykum salam

Use the language that rises from the heart most spontaneously and which brings tears and trembling.

Istighfar is unlimited as it is our basic devotion, but the minimum is 70x daily.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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