Dua to look attractive


Special Salam to Maulana Sheikh Nazim & Maulana Sheikh kabbani & all the e shaykh https://eshaykh.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=63150&action=edit&message=10team! Is there any dua I can read that will make me look attractive. A Dua that will bring Nur a glow to my skin..I hear ‘ have you ever seen the mirror’ ‘what did i do to marry you’ ‘ look at your skin’ etc ‘if I bought a 2nd wife home, would you live in the same house?’ ‘Ive never fell in love, I want to have a love marriage’ I’ve accepted that I’m not attractive in he’s eyes. I thank Allah swa for what I am.. My name is [private] pls Maulana Sheikh Nazim & Maulana Sheikh Hisham May Allah swa bless all the e shaykh team for their kind efforts in dedicating their time in enhancing our knowledge & guidance.


wa `alaykum salam,
Please follow the advice given here.


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