First Meeting with Shaykh


I went see Maulana Sheyk Hisham Kabbani in London last Friday which was the first time I had ever seen sheyk , when I came home I was a different person. A couple of days later I got fever with cold for two days; I had to broke my fast then next day I couldn’t fast either. What I am wondering is that what could have happened to me …. I feel a light when I close my eyes, can I ask u to help me with this plse inshallah may Allah bless ur soul.



wa `alaykum salam,

Meeting the Shaykh is like going for Hajj. Your sins are forgiven, your burdens are lifted and you get sick in order to purify your system. The Shaykh has opened the “eyes of the heart” and so you are feeling that light.

Be sure to hold onto this blessed state by keeping your salat, making up any missed fasts, and if you did not take baya`, do so now online or with the Shaykh’s representative in London.

Taher Siddiqui

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