khatmu i-khwaajagan


assalamu alaykum Shaykh Hisham
I’m a mureed of Shaykh Nazim. My question is I would like to do khatmu i-khwaajagan on Thursdays in my area but I went 3 years ago and I saw haram. I read in hidaya & durre mukhtar if you know there is going to be haram don’t go. So what should I do if I see actions against shariat? Should I say something but there would be fitna or should I be quiet but it would be as if I’m agreeing with them? Or should I leave and not go again? But if I heard Shaykh Nazim saying you should do khatmu i-khwaajagan what should I do? Hope you can answer me.


`Alaykum as-Salam,

Mawlana said to go to the Khatm; if we do not go because of X, Y and Z it means we assume that Mawlana either does not know about those negative elements, or he knows and he still wants us to attend. The correct assumption is the latter. Perhaps a chance will arise when we can gently correct what is wrong, or realize that we ourselves made a wrong judgment and that the wrong was unintentional or a one time thing. Mawlana in Cyprus, London etc. put up with much more than you and me. It is not “agreement” to bad actions to still attend, but rather agreement with Mawlana’s order together with sabr and jihad an-nafs. People in those gatherings are works in progress. They – and we also – make mistakes but sincerity, nasiha and Divine madad save us from our mistakes. Meanwhile we should not give up on the whole group, the Khatm, and Mawlana’s order, otherwise what chance does anybody have?

Try to balance all that you mentioned in a way that fulfills all obligations at the same time. Ask Allah Most High to give you hilm which means both wisdom and patience as well as softness and gentleness.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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