Imam of Khatam Khwajagan


Assallaamu Alaiikum,

Dear Syaikh, I often work in a town where there is no zawiya. I sometimes travel around with my friend that is also a member of Naqshbandy Haqqani muhibbin (just like me). Is it allowed for us to do Khatam Khwajagan in jamaah of only the two of us? How do we choose the imam among us if this is allowed.

Syukron Ya Syaikh,



Our shaykhs teach us that leadership is a responsibility to avoid unless appointed. So defer to your brother, and ask him to lead. The one who leads a jama`at carries the responsibility of all the followers, so, as Shaykh Hisham so often says, “run away from leadership and positions.” Since there are only 2 of you, to avoid dispute take turns or follow a CD.

w’Allahu `alam

Taher Siddiqui

reviewed and approved by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

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