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Khalwat and Sholat

There were disturbances in my mind while reading a story about the khalwa of Syeh Nazim with Syeh Abdulloh ad Dagestan. The story explained that Syeh Nazim just came out to see the sun and when for praying in jamaah….
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1. Can zuhr namaz be read any time when it starts up to asr namaz or after jamat does it have to be read as qaza… Continue reading

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Imam of Khatam Khwajagan

I sometimes travel around with my friend that is also a member of Naqshbandy Haqqani muhibbin (just like me). Is it allowed for us to do Khatam Khwajagan in jamaah of only the two of us? How do we choose the imam among us if this is allowed. Continue reading

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