Missed weekly Khatm Khwajagan and about dua


Dear Shaykh, Assalamulaykum,

Peace be upon you all.

  • I am sorry to say that I have missed my weekly Khatm Khawajagan. What should I do, please?
  • Plus, is it allowed for me to do The Daily Awrad for the Initiate more than once in a day and can it be done for a specific purpose, e.g. to make some good event take place?
  • Can Weekly Khatm be done more than once in a week and can that be done for making some specific dua answered?
  • Lastly, when making dua, should I be direct about what I wish to happen, e.g. should I say, “Ya Allah make me married to so and so” …or should I say, “Ya Allah make me married if it is good for me to marry so and so”…? What is more correct please?

Thank you and I am very sorry for my mistakes.


wa `alaykum salam,

  • No problem to do the awrad on any intention you like. Also no problem of doing the Khatm Khawajagan everyday on any issue you want and it will be a blessing for that issue you are in. It will be of help.
  • Now if you missed khatm for a reasonable excuse – either travel, serving an important guest or sick – if you didn’t do it, do it at home by yourself at any time to make it up.
  • You can say whatever you like., e.g. “make it easy to marry this person”, or if you like to say, “ya Allah what is best for me make it happen”. Either way is good.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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