Practising Ibadaah…


I would like to practice certain practices which r part of tariqah like reading ghaiban-e-janazah , making the two rakats of sunnah before maghrib and also i have seen maulana stand up at the beggining of the adhan. perhaps i should practice these regardless of what anyone says to me but i pray in a ahlul sunnat wal jammah masjid but they people who follow the hanifiah madhaab just like me but, i know that these practices will be frowned upon and i need to practise these to get close to my murshid as i have learned very late in my life that this the key to getting close to the prophet s.a.w and with their waseelah they will take me to the heavenly abode. please forgive me for not being a true mureed, maulana sheikh nazim


wa `alaykum salam,

Our mashaykh teach to keep ourselves like normal people. When you are home you can do the extra `ibadah that our mashaykh practice but to avoid creating fitna and pointing of fingers, avoid these practices among people who will not understand why you do them.

and Allah knows best,

Taher Siddiqui

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