Public zikr


Salamalakum! Hope you are well!

On sufilive, I saw Maulana telling someone who does zikr at home, to do it publicly. He said that he has been telling others this too and that Allah wants it mixed (public).
I’m wondering if that then applies to all of us who do our Thursday night zikr at home?
I have been doing it at home (with just family) since I dreamt of Maulana last year. Maulana did not say to do a zikr in the dream, but I interpreted it to mean that during the dream.


Wa `alaykum salam!

Without knowing you I cannot advise.  Are you man or woman, young or old, living in a place where dhikr is going on or not?  How is the neighborhood, the transportation, what about your family, etc, etc.

Abdul Haqq

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