Qaderi Sufi and baya


I am a Qaderi Sufi with Shia inclinations. I respect all Sahabas and all mothers ra. How can one not respect the ones whom the Prophet saw loved? I do love them all. But love/look up to Ahlul bait more. Also, I disagree with popular Sunni brothers opinions when it comes to Yazid, Marwan, Muawiyah etc. Respect and love Shaykh Nazim a lot so will respectfully never disagree with Mawlana Sheikh or his mureeds or sheikhs on this website or any Sunni at all publicly. Would Mawlana accept mureed who thinks differently? Need Mawlana’s protection and have seen dreams indicating I need to take baaya for awrad etc. saw sheikh Nazim in vision calling me his spiritual daughter. Can’t give up on Ahlul bait for spiritual reasons. I tried and was attacked by Satan in dreams. Please ask respectable MSN or MSH to answer. Forgive lack of manners…am only beginner on spiritual path.


Everything you said is compatible and acceptable so build on positive (meaning on affirmation of love) and leave controversy as it is a trap designed to weaken iman. Make bayaa and in sha Allah you will progress.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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