Spiritual Disease affecting others


Salaam shaykh,
How is it possible to get my amal, dua, zikr answered without affecting anyone else? Right now the only thing that doesn’t affect anyone is salawat because it’s a straight request that doesn’t need to come down to me. However how do I make amals, zikrs without this ruh connection from going thru the chain of awliyas to Prophet saw and getting people affected by my problems? This has become a very big problem for me shaykh. I understand even if I make one request when making amals or zikrs it’s constantly going up and down and even carries my ruh connection with all my diseases. I need this amal to be a straight request that goes up and get answered on it’s own without giving my problems to anyone this request goes through shaykh.


Alaykum salam,
It is like a bird picking up a speck of crumb in his beak and swallowing it. All our negative traits, sins and badness is smaller than that speck in the ocean of mercy of Allah. Therefore, we worship Allah. We do not worship our sins. They are nothing and they become zero when He grants His mercy. We do not affect anything or anyone. Only He affects us and everyone with His mercy.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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