Not happy, not married and depressed


Salamunalaikum Sayyidi
I was wondering if you could help me with my situation. I am trying to control my lust. I would like to get married, however, I cannot as I am not yet ready. My parents say to me, “wait till you graduate and get a job” every time that I tell them I want to marry. Fasting doesn’t help control my lust and neither does durood sharif. Is there any other remedy to control my lust? Also I’m unhappy in life. I do my Namaz and I do my Awrad daily and I read Quran. However, I still feel unsatisfied with life. I have no want or desire for anything in this world. My motivation is nil. I feel depressed all the time even though I know my intention is only to gain Allah’s Love. Even then I feel depressed. Any advice?


wa `alaykum salam,

Recite: Du`a Tunjina or Tunjeena 7 x a day and ya Muqallib al-qulubi wa ‘l-absar qallib qulubana ila mahabatik 100x and “Ilahi Anta maqsoodi wa Ridaka matloobi” 100x insha-Allah you will bring you backĀ  to become motivated and open to y0u what you need to be opened.

Most people today are not motivated to do anything due to too much bad energy. Grandshaykh said one time that Allah swt made special taifa, group of jinn that are chained and cannot reach earth by Prophet (s) blowing on them. So he closed the hole that usually they used to come through it on earth with his holy blowing. And Granddhaykh said that they were not allowed to come and corrupt people. So that is why corruption was less before.

Now, because of too much darkness from human beings, that hole was opened another time and they found a way to come down on earth attacking people. That is why you see too many people today saying, “there is sihr on me”, but it is not correct that there is sihr all the time. Rather, this ta’ifa of evil jinn is mingling among the people, making people to separate – father from mother, children from parents, everyone going in a different direction. And there is no way to close this hole now and prevent the kafir, non-mu’min jinn, from coming to earth. That is why they are coming all the time. They are surrounding Bani Adam and giving them a hard time in their lives by making all kinds of different reflections from them in order to make human beings not motivated, not working, to lose their jobs, making people turn against each other, making whispers “that one is talking about you” and spreading all kinds of bad energy through rumors and confusion and darkness. All kinds of bad things are being done more and more by them. The only way to protect yourself is, as the Prophet (s) mentioned in the hadith that in the Last Days, when ignorance of religion fills the earth and no one knows his religion. As today, they killed one lady in Arizona, a congresswoman and 6 others were killed by someone 22 years of age. It might be he is not motivated. He is not working and who motivated him to kill? It might be these evil creatures that bring negative energy and bad reflections that Allah prevented them from coming to earth, but now they are coming everywhere. So Prophet (s) said that there will be chunks of darkness and confusion coming on earth. The best thing to do is to stay home and not interfere in what is going on outside. Look after your family and children. We have to be very careful about what is going on. May Allah forgive us.

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

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