Vision in namaz


Assalamu Alaikum
Dear Shaykh Hisham
Today at isha time when I was in sajdah I saw my self completely changed into nur and this was of 5 to 8 sec. Please tell me what was this. Jazakallah


Salaam, Mawlana Shaykh Nazim used to quote the ayats 30, 31, and 32 from Surah Fusilat (41), “Verily for those who say, ‘Our Lord is Allah’ – and remain steadfast – from time to time the angels will descend on that person,” bringing good tidings of various kinds. It’s a heavenly “pat on the back”, Maulana used to say. It’s as if Allah is saying to His servant, “We know you are trying hard. Don’t worry, We know!” And Allah ta’ala knows best, wa RasoulsallaLlahu alayhi wa salaam.

Again salaam,
Abdul Haqq

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