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Relive life in afterlife

I was wondering if we will have to relive another life (lives) like this one with a flesh and body after this life is over?… Continue reading

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Dream: Meat

A few months ago, I dreamt that I had a large piece of meat that was the back of Imam Ali (R), and I was really tempted to slice it up and eat it. Throughout the dream, I am walking in a larger space with white walls and smaller light grey divider walls. I am disturbed by what to do with the meat since it’s already someone who has passed away and I’m trying to decide what to do. Towards the end of the dream, I realize I need to bury it as it is part of a dead person and the right thing to do. I then woke up and spit to over my shoulder out of fear that it could have been from Shaitan. Continue reading

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