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What is Islam’s belief on ‘Lilith’?

I am a high school student whose teacher is agnostic and assigned us to ask our religious scholars that we trust about our belief on the universal character “Lilith.” Continue reading

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Sheikh Nazim

Does this mean all the sinners will become auliya simply by doing bayat? Continue reading

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Sadaqah or Superstition?

I wish to know if a way of giving sadaqah that i have witnessed is right and not a cultural ritual thing that has been going on in Pakistan for years… Continue reading

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what some orientalist says

Below are some links to what some orientalist has said about some verses of the Qur’an,… Continue reading

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Which stone I should use in my ring?

I have heard that our beloved Syyedina Mustafa Sallallah o Alaihi Wasallam used to wear Turquoise (Sky Blue)… Continue reading

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