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Dream: Hazrat Adam, alahay salam

Dream: assalam o alaykum, Respected suyukhs and the staff of eshaykh. yesterday night I saw a dream that my ten years son (who is doing Hifz e Quran) standing with a very strange person who is tall like a tree& … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: dua to learn Quran

Dear Sayidi Shaykh Hisham Kabbani Assalamu Alaikum, with your permission we travelled to suriname and i am hear in the Jamia to study islam hadith and Holy Quran, please make dua for me that Allah grant the ability to me to learn the holy Quran and Hadith please sayidi i am in need of your dua ask for me please that i become Hafiz of holy Quran. Continue reading

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Darood during menses

Can a woman recites Durood Shareef during periods? Continue reading

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