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Ranks in paradise

I want to now what I have to do to get to the highest rank in paradise,I’m a teenager and I’m Albanian but my deen is Islam I am going to pray perfect salat,give money… Continue reading

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Dream: Palace in makkah

I am with my parents and we are in a magnificent palace. I know we are in Makkah. My-brother-in-law is taking us on a tour of the masjid/palace (since he bought a room there) and we notice some beautiful sinks on the left to perform ablution. We walk passed them and then he takes myself and my mother up a staircase, but with each step my mother is getting older and frailer. She only gets to the 4th-floor and I don’t see her after that in the dream. We reach the 8th floor at the top, and then suddenly we (my father and brother-in-law) are sitting waiting for maghrib prayer in the hall, I know it’s already dark outside but people are saying it’s not time yet, there are 20mins-to-go. Continue reading

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