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Dream: As-Siddique

I had a dream that i was travelling to london with my mother for a gathering. Upon reaching there we met Shaykh Ahmed Babikr and conveyed salaams. We then enter a room full of women. After a while i notice a woman sitting opposite me, very fair, beautiful wearing a blue scarf. Soon i notice the room is almost empty. I whisper to my mom shouldnt we go also? Somebody who i cant see then says into my ear that the lady opposite meis from As-Siddique. I aksed if they meant Abu Bakr RA and they reply yes. They then say to me that i was meant to be there. I then look up and i see the lady look at me and smile. Continue reading

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Wives of the Prophet (s)

I would like to know how many wives the prophet Muhammad (SAW) had?
On some website it says 13, 12, 7 and 4. Please can you clearify this for me. Continue reading

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