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Sex in marriage

Can I buy my wife leather trousers or leather, PVC or latex catsuits as they really sexually excite me. I am talking about the kind of clothes that American women wear in films to look sexy. My e-mail address is [private] in case I miss the answer on this website. Continue reading

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Burqa and Niqab

I became intrigued about the history about when women started wearing the burqa or niqab, and why does it bother people so much that women wear it? Continue reading

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Istikhara – stay in marriage

Salaam, I sent a request over two months ago but have not received a reply yet. It is regarding whether to stay in my marriage. I did istikhara. My name is [private] and my husband’s name is [private]. Continue reading

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Hazrat Masoodah (ra)

My wife is researching a particular female companion of the Prophet (saw) as she had a dream about her. Her name is Hazrat Masoodah (ra)… Continue reading

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Wives of the Prophet (s)

I would like to know how many wives the prophet Muhammad (SAW) had?
On some website it says 13, 12, 7 and 4. Please can you clearify this for me. Continue reading

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