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Title of “Mawlana”

The word “maulana” is a compound word – MAULA and NA (our) which, under strict Islamic philosophy is applicable to God ALONE… Continue reading

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Hadith of Tree-trunk

Regarding the Hadith Narrated by Ibn Umar: The Prophet (saw) used to deliver his sermons while standing beside (or leaning on) a trunk of a Date Palm tree… Continue reading

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Imam tells future events

Is it right in Islam for any Imam to say he knows the events of the future? Is there anyone but Allah who knows the person we will be married to or end up with or the type of life we will lead? Continue reading

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Tahir ul Qadri

Q: There is a person in pakistan, named as Tahir ul Qadri. People call him as Sheikh ul Islam. but he has been very controversial in the past. He has very strong knowledge of Quran, Hadith and other texts but he’s been chiefly controversial due to his dreams in which he claimed to have the vision of Prophet peace be upon Him and he said some things attributed to Prophet and his dream which a practising Muslim rejects at once.Do you have any info that what type of person he is? Continue reading

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