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Sisters remaining single

If we are not married, can we be good Muslim? Continue reading

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Urgent – Dua for Marriage

I am really tired of life struggles, particularly being lonely with no husband or kids. Afraid of doing haram because of temptations… Continue reading

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Spiritual help please

Me my sister are very shameful in admitting our sins, but we are both young females that feel we are spiritually not good enough. We want to raise our iman, make it stronger… Continue reading

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Premature Senility

I have been senile for many years, to some degree even though I am in my mid forties. This condition, I believe has been brought on by not being able to get married… Continue reading

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Should I leave him?

…looking on marriage websites for a suitable marriage partner. Currently, I am communicating with a man overseas. I like many things about him and feel that we may well be compatible as far as I can see,… Continue reading

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