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I need answers and I need them NOW!!!

IS IT TRUE that when Muslims attack non-Muslim lands, it becomes permissible to make civilian women sex slaves and enslave civilian children?! Continue reading

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Dream: Suicide bombing

I dreamed Allah,he was with dark cloth and we were in dark room and his face wasn’t visible because of dark cloth and dark room,there was two more guy with us.There was a Guy crucified,Allah asked us”Does suicide bombers go to heaven”The other guy which was wit us said “Yes they will go to heaven because they are martyr”Allah Denied him and said They will be crucified like this guy and told the reason(which i don’t remember)There was a torch with very less light in a guy hand who replied to Allah and he gave me the torch and the light of torch became brighter.i asked god “Why are you telling me all this about suicide bombers”he replied It is my duty to tell you and its your duty to tell others”and I gave Allah the torch and the torch light became very bright and room became very bright.
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