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Intention to Sadaqah recitation of Surah to Others

Question: I would like to check if it is permissible to have an intention to sadaqah al-Fatihah or other Surahs for a living person or someone who have passed on. The intention is to merely share the rewards of recitation … Continue reading

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Benefitting the Deceased

“Prophet (S) saying only three acts benefit a deceased when he dies. “Those being knowledge he gave, charity he spent, or the prayers of a “pious son. “I also read a hadith where Abu Hurayrah (R) prayed for a dweller of the “grave by asking Allah to increase the good of a believer if he did good, “and to forgive his bad if he did bad. How do we reconcile these two “hadith of the Prophet (S)? Especially because some Muslims use the first “hadith to ban acts for the deceased. Continue reading

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