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Dream: of Prophet Isa (a.s.)

I had a strange experience last year while nearly asleep. I saw a glowing face beside my bed, just a golden outline of a man’s face, and I felt that it was Isa (AS) who was staring at me… Continue reading

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68 Years left ?
Reste-t-il 68 ans?

Q: Sheikh Hisham said several times that Allah gave us one and propably a half day extra which is 1500 years since Rasoolallah s.a.w left dunya physically. What is left is 68 years. [fr]Cheikh Hisham a dit plusieurs fois que Allah nous a donné un jour et probablement une demi journée en extra, ce qui donne 1500 ans depuis que Rasoulallah s.a.w…[/fr] Continue reading

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Reste-t-il 68 ans?