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About a wedding incident pertaining to Aisha

Assalamalaikum. Is the following incident found in Lesley Hazelton’s book “After the Prophet” authentic or a forgery? It is as follows, “as when Muhammad arranged to seal an alliance with a major Christian tribe newly converted to Islam by marrying its leader’s daughter, a girl renowned for her beauty. Continue reading

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786. Benefits of Surahs.

Salamu ‘alaikum. Sayyidi i would like to thank you for your prayers. My situation has improved al hamdulillah. There’s a book pdf, or dox. about benefits of surahs. It is interesting but it seems like it is Shia doctrine. Continue reading

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Ottoman Empire religion

I heard that Ottoman Empire was one of the greatest Islamic Empire and I did agree with that until today I read on Wikipedia some stories related to the empire. My question is why within the empire did brothers discuss the throne? Continue reading

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