Conveying the Reward of Good deeds


As’salamu alaikum WRB,

Whenever I do any worship/charity other than Farz I convey the expected reward to all the Muslims: dead and living and pray for their forgiveness and then mine. Usually I say O Allah I convey the reward of this deed with the tawassul of Syedna Muhammad (saws) to all the Muslims. I want to know:

1 – Is Using the tawassul of Prophet (saws) right?
2 – Will the reward be distributed among all – that means very less will be received? In that case should I convey the reward to only limited people like my parents, relatives and teachers etc. so that they get a god portion of it?

Is it correct that Ihda helps only in the life Barzakh and not on the day of judgement?



Wa alaikum Salaam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuh

1-Yes, Using Tawassul of the Prophet is permitted and very powerful. As a blind sahabi was cured by making tawassul and that Du’a is recorded in Sahih Bukhari.

Also, in general it is virtuous to pray for one another.

2- The reward is according to your good intention toward the Ummah of Muhammad (s) in is rewarded by Allah who is Al-Ghani and has no shortage of Blessings.

The Prophet (s) has the greatest Shafa’a on day of Judgement; however, there are authentic hadith mentioning additional Shafa’a permitted to various members of the Ummah! These are all forms of tawassul out of Allah’s generosity to His Creation.

Wallahu Alam,

Kamau Ayubbi

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